When can I sign up? 

New students can sign up at any time. BUT, if they want to participate in the Fashion Show, they have to sign up  before the 6th week prior to the Show.

You can always email us prior to signing up to find out which week we are in. 


The Fashion show happens every 8 weeks.

How much does it cost?

For The Fashion Design after School Program:

Our school year classes  follow a monthly, continuous enrollment membership of $340.


For The Fashion Design Saturday Program:

Our school year classes  follow a monthly, continuous enrollment membership of $340.

For The Fashion Design  Drop in classes/Trial classes:


What do they do in the after school program?

Every 8 weeks our students work on a project  they get to design from scratch!!

On The first class, they get to sketch their creations, have a design consultation with our instructors and choose the fabrics and trims they want to use on their garments. 

During  the following weeks, our students will learn how to construct their clothes and accessories using real sewing tools. They will also experience modeling their own creations during a fashion photoshoot to build their portfolio. 

Every 8 weeks we have a Fashion show where our students get to showcase their creations to their family and friends. 

What is the difference between joining the program and just coming for Drop in /Trial classes?

When you join our program you get to have the full Fashion Design experience.

You will be able to design and sew anything you would like to create.

If you are coming in just for a drop in/trial class, you will get to sew one of our precut projects.

Some of the options are:

Pillows, tote bags, hoodies...

What are the after school program hours?

The program is two hours long.

We have three different times slots available:

-3pm to 5pm

-3:30pm to 5:30 pm

-4pm to 6pm

If you wish to inquire about a different time slot or about One hour classes options, email us at:


What is your cancelation Policy?

For The Membership Program: 

Once you sign up, your membership will be automatically renewed every month during the school year.

If you decide to discontinue, please provide a written notice by the 15th day of the final month you wish to attend. If we receive the notice after the 15th, you will be charged for the full tuition. 

For the Drop in/Trial class cancelation:

If you are not able to attend the class, You must notify us by email 24 hours before  the class is scheduled to begin.


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